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We are builders. We are craftsman. The team at C2MG Builders is dedicated to bringing old-world processes, values and artistry to modern day architecture and construction. We are the new pioneers in fine home building, keeping a tradition of quality alive and well, through the use of extensive professional training, modern materials, advanced technologies and old fashioned teamwork.

Every C2MG Builders project is managed from beginning to end with the utmost care and respect for the client and the highest standards in quality; delivering a product that will last for decades. At C2MG, we lead by example and consistently deliver excellence for all of our valued clients and partners.

We look forward to serving you!

Areas We Serve

Greater Boston

Metro North


Our Focus

High-end residential

Light Commercial

Historic Restorations

What Makes Us Different

We invest much time and energy into our company culture. Over the years, we have found that a heathy company culture translates to happy clients. We recruit and hire for a candidate’s skillset and of equal importance is that a potential employee fits within our culture. Our culture starts with teamwork, this creates an environment of quality and craftsmanship that we pride ourselves on. This translates to overall improved relationships with our clients, enabling us to complete projects more efficiently, on time and on budget.

Our system of financial reconciliation allows clients to know where they are at in real time, all the time. We are accountable to all of our clients in all aspects of our jobs. Fiscal responsibility is one of our core values and we aim to be straightforward and transparent in how we manage a project’s budget at all times.

We are American Craftsman. That term was important enough to use in our logo and is the foundation of our company. We spend significant effort researching, reviewing and discussing trends and products to assure the best possible products are used and the work is executed at the highest standards. Our focus on quality lays the groundwork for our ongoing relationships with past and present clients which is an essential part of our company.

We approach each job with the utmost respect for our clients. We quickly seek to get our clients to “know, Like, and trust us” and we understand that construction can be a very grey area to understand. Our job is to make the grey areas clear. Our goal is to formulate relationships with our clients so we are the ones they call when in need. We seek to not only build our clients projects but to maintain their homes after the construction process is complete. We are frequently given the keys to our client’s homes to not only maintain but to react in an instance if they are not around. To us no greater compliment can be given to us as a company. We take care of our client’s homes as if they were our own.

From the outset of every project, our slogan of “Lead by Serving” and its meaning is driven home to not only our employees but also our subcontractors and vendors. We do not take this job lightly and we pride ourselves on our leadership in the company and within our community. Our service and support to our clients throughout the construction process as it evolves and changes is the very definition of “Lead by Serving”. This translates to a focus on leadership for every project.

C2MG is a dedicated team of exceptionally talented, high integrity builders and craftsmen striving to bring growth to our community by helping to maintain and renovate existing homes, build new homes and assist our clients in making their construction ideas become a reality.

To become the premier home building and maintenance company in the North Shore/Boston area, and lead our customers and the industry by serving.

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