Custom Homes

As American Craftsmen, we dig, pour, frame, finish and complete every home we create with an example set for others to follow. Our team of in-house carpenters are well versed and understand the ever-changing trends that develop in new home construction and seek to utilize the best possible solution in not only materials but in allocation of labor on every new home we create.

Historic Renovations

Our team of craftsmen are equally versed in historic restoration and all phases of carpentry and construction. We invest in seminars, classes, and training specifically in the restoration field. We can make what is old new, where others have fallen short due to lack of expertise or training.


AMERICAN FRAMERS, the name our employees chose! Within the last 3 years we recognized the need for framers who can clearly speak builder and architect in all markets. We formulated, built and now operate a subdivision inside our company specifically dedicated to all aspects of wood framing. In doing so we maintain the highest quality wood framing and its translation of a “Tight frame is a tight finish!” Aside from our own framing we build for other contractors and homeowners as well.

Property Management/ Cleaning

Aside from our construction side we also provide maintenance and cleaning services for some of our client’s homes. We are a full-service property maintenance and management company. We background check and Cori check all our property management personal. We understand the need for client privacy and do everything to assure a level of comfort to all our clients that sign on with this service. These services are not only for existing clients but for anyone in the market for these types of services. We also offer a more tailored and higher level of home maintenance called C2MG BLACK, for clients who desire on the spot and on call home and personal services.

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